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Interviews for PGCE Secondary RE

Interview Day

Interviews for the PGCE Secondary programme are undertaken in one of our alliance/partnership schools.  Our recruitment process and interview procedures have been agreed across our Teaching School Alliances with the purposes as follows:

  • To provide a rigorous recruitment strategy which allows candidates to demonstrate their strengths and potential and ensure high quality candidates are chosen for entry to the Secondary PGCE Programme (for both university and school centred routes)
  • To give candidates a school experience and an introduction to the professional standards expected in a school environment
  • To give an accurate and positive image of the Secondary PGCE Programme, so that successful candidates will know what the expectations are for their chosen route of the PGCE programme
  • To ensure that successful candidates can be given appropriate guidance to support their preparation for the PGCE programme to maximise their chances of success as they start their journey to become a high quality teacher focussed on maximising the achievement of pupils in our partnership


The interview will involve the following activities:

  • Welcome and introduction/briefing
  • School tour with pupils
  • Teaching and learning activity with pupils
  • Individual interview with staff
  • Group task
  • Literacy task
  • Reflection activity


Assessment at interview

The interview activities are designed to ensure we recruit high quality individuals who have the potential to become outstanding teachers in the future.

What we are looking for at interview:

  • Interaction and ability to communicate with pupils and staff in a professional environment
  • Personal and professional conduct
  • Ability to plan/organise and deliver and to engage pupils in learning
  • Assessment of subject knowledge, personal and intellectual qualities, commitment to and understanding of secondary education and current issues in education.
  • Understanding of key issues, e.g. behaviour management
  • Quality of writing/ability to prioritise
  • Ability to reflect and identify targets and strategies to prepare for the programme


In preparation for the interview day we ask that you complete the documents attached to your invite e­mail and bring these to the interview with you:

  • Prior achievement booklet
  • Initial subject knowledge audit


You should also come prepared to discuss how your subject area is taught as part of the curriculum.


Teaching Activity Information and Guidelines

As part of the interview day candidates will be expected to deliver a short teaching/interaction activity to staff, the pupil panel and peers. 


The subject for this activity is:

Choose any aspect of your subject to teach for 10-15 minutes

Candidates should prepare to spend 10-15 minutes leading a learning activity with a small group of pupils.


Candidates are advised to keep the following points in mind when preparing for this task:

• Aim to use the full 10-15 minutes but you will be stopped if exceed the time

• The pupil group will consist of 6 – 10 pupils (unless advised otherwise)

• You are not limited in terms of specific topic/content

• You will be expected to engage and interact with pupils and demonstrate the ability to facilitate learning

• You will not have access to a computer and/or projection equipment but may bring other resources if you wish


10-15 minutes will be allowed for each candidate.

Staff/pupils will be asked to give a score for each candidate in relation to the criteria in the table below.  

If candidates are successful at the interview and offered a place they will then be invited to an afternoon at York St John university for an initial induction session.


More Information

For further information on PGCE Secondary Religious Education and interviews please see: