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Occupational Therapy BHSc (Hons)

Interview Day

Applicants are asked to arrive by 9:30 am,  followed by a welcome talk about various facets of the university and a tour of the campus.

Group interviews are conducted in groups of up to 14 applicants with a member of staff and a service user, individual interviews are conducted with a staff member. Interviews will include the following:

  • Opportunity to share with the group the motivation for wanting to study Occupational Therapy
  • Opportunity to identify personal qualities that they will bring to the profession
  • A group discussion relating to the challenges of the programme and how these might be managed
  • A short written task
  • A discussion relating to the value of occupation in promoting health and wellbeing

You will be free to leave at 4pm at the latest.



Applicants to the Occupational Therapy degree programme who are offered an interview will have met the entry requirements with both their qualifications (or potential qualifications) and their personal statement.

A successful personal statement needs to reflect interest in Occupational Therapy and experience or knowledge of the subject, drawing on skills that will be transferable to the course.

If you become a student at York St John University, we expect you to:-

  • Demonstrate caring, compassion and commitment with excellent communication skills promoting values based practice.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the programme of study and a willingness to work in partnership with staff and other students to enhance your own learning and that of others.
  • Be prepared to take full advantage of the fieldwork opportunities in different geographical locations and clinical/ social areas to prepare you to work as a basic grade occupational therapist in the 21st century.
  • Appreciate the considerable demands which are made throughout the programme and the impact that they have on other aspects of your life.              
  • Be prepared to have full and frank discussions with your personal tutor to maximise your academic, professional and personal development whilst on the programme.
  • Understand the programme requirements and their influence on the success of your study.
  • Give constructive feedback on aspects of the programme to ensure a positive student learning experience.         
  • Reflect on your learning needs and utilise the staff and college resources to assist your learning and development.

We hope that if you choose to come to York you will enjoy the experience and take advantage of the variety of academic, professional and social opportunities available.


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More Information

As an Occupational Therapy student at York St John University, you can expect:-

  • To study in a safe, pleasant, well resourced environment.                                  
  • Highly committed staff with a wide variety of professional experience.                
  • Staff who endeavour to remain at the cutting edge of professional development through research activities, attendance and presentations at national and international conferences and membership of professional organisations.                                                                                                                                     
  • A programme of study which is designed to prepare you for practice in the 21stcentury.                                                                                                                                              
  • Well organised, efficient and effective systems for teaching, learning and assessment.                                                                                                                                    
  • A personal tutor who will support and monitor your academic and professional development.                                                                                                                
  • To participate in the evaluation of modules and contribute to the quality enhancement of the student learning experience.                                                
  • To be offered diverse geographical and clinical fieldwork opportunities, working with occupational therapy staff that have undergone fieldwork education modules.


Further Information for Applicants

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

Students of occupational therapy and qualified practitioners necessarily have close contact with people who are vulnerable due to age, disability or handicap.

Because of the nature of our work, employers require details regarding criminal convictions or cautions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975.  Applicants for occupational therapy posts are not entitled to withhold information about any criminal convictions or cautions which for other purposes would be spent under the provision of the Act.  In the event of later employment, failure to disclose any such information may result in disciplinary measures or dismissal.

Students undertaking periods of professional practice in certain clinical placements are required to have the same level of police clearance as qualified colleagues, so the University has a duty to ensure that you will be able to undertake periods of professional practice and fulfil future requirements in regard to the provisions of this Act.

If you are offered a place on any occupational therapy programme, you will be required to contact the Disclosure & Barring Service to go through the Enhanced Disclosure process.  The disclosure of a criminal record will not automatically debar anyone from a place on occupational therapy programmes.  In making decisions, the University will consider the nature of an offence, how long ago it was committed, the age of the person when it was committed and any other factors which may be relevant.  Failure to provide any information which could affect your ability to undertake any aspect of the programme could result in termination of studies.


Health and Related Information

If you are successful in gaining a place, you will also be required to complete a Medical Health Questionnaire which gives information regarding aspects of your physical and mental health status and history.  You are asked to consent to the University medical officer contacting your general practitioner for further information if this should prove necessary.  When the programme commences, you will also be required to complete a statement of ability to pursue the programme of study to ascertain if other factors need to be given consideration. Again, failure to provide any information which could affect your ability to undertake any aspect of the programme could have serious consequences.

For further information on Occupational Therapy and interviews please see: