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Admissions Procedures - UCAS

1.12. Interviews

1.121. For programmes of study where an interview forms part of the admissions process Selectors will indicate which applicants they intend to invite based on the selection criteria agreed for the programme.

1.122. The Selector will ensure that the applicant can meet the normal entry requirements for the programme of study and, where necessary, consult with Admissions staff in cases where this is not clear.  Further information may then be sought from the applicant.  Admissions will check application records for viability before an invitation to interview is extended.

1.123. All candidates must be treated on an equal and fair basis. This does not necessarily mean that if one applicant is interviewed, then all the others must be interviewed as well. It may, for example, be appropriate to interview candidates to distinguish between candidates with similar academic profiles, or to interview a candidate whose UCAS applications does not provide sufficient information on which to base a decision (e.g. a candidate presenting non-standard qualifications).

1.124. When Admissions issues an invitation to interview this will normally be sent to allow 10 days between dispatch of the invitation and the date of interview. Applicants will also be asked to confirm attendance by returning the reply slip, e-mail or telephone and acceptance will be recorded by Admissions on the admissions database (SITS). 

1.125. When an interview candidate indicates that the interview day is not suitable and requests an alternative date, the applicant will be placed on the next available date and a new e-mail will be issued confirming this.

1.126. Applicants, who do not attend interview without advising Admissions that they will be unable to attend, will automatically be given a fresh interview appointment.  If, subsequently, the applicant again fails to attend interview without advising Admissions their application will be withdrawn in line with UCAS procedures.  An appeal can be considered if acceptable reasons for non-confirmation and non-attendance are received.

1.127. No applicant will be offered in excess of three interview invitations regardless of whether they have informed admissions of their inability to attend. Applicants may be liable for fewer options depending on the number of interview days left for their chosen programme.

1.128. Interviews will be conducted on a consistent basis for all applicants applying for the same programme of study.  A set of interview/selection criteria will be produced by the Selector and will be applied consistently to all interviews.  Notes will be kept and recorded on an interview pro-forma. A standard interview form will be produced by the Admissions, but may be modified to meet the needs of a particular programme.

1.129. Questions related to the race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion or age of the applicant must not be raised either at the interview or in subsequent discussion. However, staff should encourage applicants to disclose any disability or In Care need to the University, to help ensure that any necessary adjustments can be planned to support their education.  It will be the responsibility of the Selector to organise the interview sessions. 

1.1210. Selectors will normally make decisions on whether to make an offer of a place within 10 working days of the interview taking place.  The decision will be recorded on the interview report form which will be added to the paperless application record.  Where a rejection decision is made reasons for the decision are to be shown on the interview report form.  Relevant sections of the interview report form should also be completed so that a documented record of the interview is available in the event of a request for information, or a complaint by the applicant.  Admissions will normally communicate these decisions to applicants within 5 working days of receipt of the interview forms with recorded decisions in Admissions.


1.13. Offers without interview

1.131. Applicants who have been made offers for programmes where no interview is conducted will receive an e-mail from Admissions advising of the decision to offer a place and a further e-mail will be sent inviting the applicants to visit the University. 


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