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Admissions Procedures - UCAS

1.10. Decisions

1.101. The following scheme is used for grading paperless application records:

1.102. R - Rejection 

This decision is made on academic grounds, based on the selection criteria agreed for the programme. It is recognised that in heavily over-subscribed faculties, where entry is highly competitive, some very able and well-qualified candidates may have to be rejected.

1.103. U - Unconditional Offer

This decision indicates that an unconditional offer is to be made without interview.  Such an offer should only be issued when a candidate has met all academic and non-academic requirements based on the selection criteria agreed for the programme.

1.104. C - Conditional Offer 

This decision indicates a conditional offer is to be made without interview.  The academic or other conditions required by the faculty should be noted on the application form.

1.105. I - Interview 

This indicates that the candidate is to be called to attend for an interview as per the selection criteria agreed for the programme.  After the interview the record must be re-graded U, C or R.

1.106. Under the UCAS scheme, applications received at UCAS by the closing date (15 January or 24th March for Art & Design Courses) must all be given equal consideration. In practice, this means that a programme must not run out of offers prior to receiving the last of the on-time applications received at UCAS.


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