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Admissions Policy

3.12. Rejection

3.12.1 The University reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants who have not met academic or non academic entry requirements or where there is evidence that they are unable to meet the academic, professional or vocational requirements of the course.

3.12.2  International students (who will be required to apply for a Tier 4 visa) may be rejected if they fail to meet UK Border Agency statutory requirements; or where to make an offer would contravene UK Border Agency Tier 4 Policy Guidance

3.13. Reasons for rejection

3.13.1 The University is committed to providing feedback on request to applicants who have not been offered a place. Feedback is provided to enable applicants to reflect on their progress through the application process but does not constitute a reconsideration of an application or a challenge to the University’s decision on an application.

3.13.2 Applicants requesting feedback are asked to do so promptly and to contact Admissions in writing (by email or letter) within 28 days of the decision being made. Full details can be found in our Feedback policy.

3.13.3 The University aims to respond to requests for feedback within twenty working days of receipt, unless otherwise indicated.

3.13.4 Feedback on specific applicants will not be provided to any third party.


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