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Admissions Policy

3.6. Entry for candidates without standard qualifications

3.6.1 The University is committed to providing alternative entry criteria for applicants who do not hold standard academic qualifications to be able to meet the normal minimum entry requirements  if they have been out of full time education for a period of at least 2 years (24months). See University Policy on Applications from candidates not offering standard school leaving qualifications, and candidates for admission on the basis of transferred credit (SRA 7).

3.6.2 If an applicant has followed a non-standard educational route e.g. Home Schooled, the application will be considered against the standard entry criteria of the programme.

3.6.3 There will be a requirement to demonstrate that the academic entry criteria have been met. As well as a requirement to provide a reference regarding suitability for higher education from an official who is in a position of authority in relation to the applicant and knows the applicant well enough to do so.

3.6.4 Applicants who fail to meet the minimum academic level for entry directly onto a degree programme may be offered a level 0 foundation programme, where one is available. Entry to this will be on a case by case basis, unless prior approved routes have been put in place.  Failure to meet the degree entry criteria does not automatically confer admissions to a level 0 Foundation programme.

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