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Admissions Policy

3.5. Non-Academic Entry Requirements

3.5.1 Entry to some programmes of study requires students to meet non-academic conditions. These are usually a deposit, Disclosure & Barring Service enhanced check and health checks and any professional professional registration as required by certain professional programmes. Where such entry requirements are routine, they will be specified in course literature.

3.5.2 Such conditions must be fulfilled before entry to the programme of study. Information on how the University manages the DBS procedures and the consideration of applications with criminal convictions is set out in the University Policy on Admissions of students and criminal conviction (SRA6). Applications from candidates with criminal convictions will be carefully considered. Applicants must, upon request, provide full details of any convictions which are not 'protected' under the amendments of the Exceptions Order 1975 (2013)

3.5.3 The University retains the right to refuse entry to any applicant with a criminal conviction which may jeopardise the security, safety or reputation of the University or its community, or where there are relevant professional criteria which apply.

3.5.4  Where applicants have outstanding non-academic conditions when enrolment is due, only those who are in the following situation may be considered for enrolment:

- The DBS application form has been submitted and confirmed to be at Stage 1 with the DBS.

- The complete medical questionnaire has been received within the Admissions department.

3.5.5 Applicants who are enrolled on programme with outstanding non-academic entry requirements will be subject to a standards review and subsequent action should they fail to complete or pass the requirement within the specified timeframe.

3.5.6 Occasionally the requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies may change at short notice to reflect government policy or changes in legislation.  The University undertakes to notify all affected applicants promptly in writing of such changes.

3.5.7 Where an applicant is unable to satisfy the requirements of the relevant professional, statutory and regulatory bodies despite submitting an otherwise strong application this will provide legitimate grounds for the University to reject an application.

3.5.8 We recognise that occasionally a programme’s standard procedure for assessing applications will not provide the admissions’ staff with an accurate understanding of an applicant’s suitability.  In such cases we may ask applicants to provide us with alternative evidence to support their application. This would be assessed on an application by application basis.

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