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Admissions Policy

3.36. Mitigating circumstance

3.36.1 We recommend that information on mitigating circumstances that have affected or are likely to affect academic performance be included in the referee’s report.

3.36.2 We cannot usually take into account information this is supplied after an adverse decision has been made on an application.

3.36.3 Where further information is supplied regarding mitigating circumstance, the letter should be from the relevant individual at the applicant’s school or college and addressed to the Admissions Manager

3.36.4 In assessing whether it is appropriate to consider an applicant’s mitigating circumstances, the University has a duty to ensure that an examination board or awarding body has not already made reasonable adjustment to an applicant’s results, where making further adjustment in the admissions process might lead to an applicant having an unfair advantage over other applicants

3.36.5 In seeking adjustment for the impact of mitigating circumstances on academic attainment, the University will require formal, written confirmation from the awarding body/institution or the relevant examinations officer at the applicant’s relevant education institutions that no request for adjustment was made when the qualification(s) were awarded or has been lodged with the awarding body in the case of pending qualifications

3.36.6 There is no guarantee of amendment to an application or decision in light of mitigating circumstances, but the outcome of any decision made will be communicated to the relevant party.

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