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Admissions Policy

7. Framework

7.1 The University has in place an appropriate and effective set of policies, processes and procedures, providing clarity to those having specific responsibility for admission to the University. These policies are available to all applicants at any stage of application, and to enquirers.

7.2 The University recognises the importance of the role of Admissions in fulfilling the University’s strategic commitment to making higher education both accessible and diverse.

7.2.1 The University recognises the value of a diverse student community and is committed to widening participation to achieve this. It will, through the implementation of admissions policies, processes and procedures, seek to encourage a broad range of applicants and allow each the opportunity to present their achievements and potential for entry through the application process. It will provide the support for applicants to do so.

7.3 The University endeavours to offer appropriate information and support to both potential and actual applicants, enabling them to make informed decisions at each stage of the admissions process.

7.3.1 The University will provide accurate and up-to-date information on both its academic and support services (e.g. accommodation, library and IT) and requirements (e.g. entry requirements and fees) to all enquirers and applicants at appropriate points in the admissions cycle.

7.3.2 It will make this information available through UCAS and various other information services and the University website.

7.3.3 The University will provide a range of opportunities to visit through Open Days, campus tours and Visit Days and will also be active in external outreach through HE fairs and other visits (at home and overseas).

7.3.4 The University will provide access to policies on its website and on request.

7.3.5 The University will provide, on request, access to externally published information on University performance.

7.4 The University determines entry requirements and selects students in accordance with the principles of consistency, equity, fairness, transparency and good customer service which in turn inform all admissions policies, processes and procedures.

7.4.1 Admissions staff will, on behalf of the University, review admissions criteria regularly to ensure the process of selection is in accordance with University policies and recruitment strategies.

7.4.2 Changes to any policy or entry criteria will be approved by the University and communicated internally and externally at the appropriate point in the admissions cycle.

7.4.3 Faculties and Heads of Programmes will determine specialist entry criteria such as interview and portfolio requirement in accordance with the needs of the course and make explicit and transparent the purpose and reason for the variation.

7.4.4 Admissions decisions will be communicated to applicants through UCAS/UTT and directly to other applicants by letter. An offer from the University for non UCAS courses will contain details of academic and other conditions or confirmation of an offer where an applicant is pre-qualified.

7.4.5 Applicants will be made aware of additional requirements in relation to the University’s obligations with regard to equality legislation and criminal convictions procedures.

7.4.6 Applicants who are rejected will be entitled to feedback on the reason for rejection. Applicants will be able to obtain feedback through the Admissions office on written request.

7.5 The University ensures that all staff involved in the admissions process are informed and clear about their roles and responsibilities and have received the necessary training and staff development, to ensure they are both efficient and effective in their roles.

7.6 The University reviews and monitors its admissions activity annually to ensure it operates effectively and continues to develop.

7.6.1 Each Head of Programme with assistance from the Strategic Analyst, Head of Subject, and Admissions will review the operation of the current year’s admissions arrangements in the light of: progression figures, planned curriculum changes and changes in post-16 qualifications. Additionally, commentary will be provided on performance in relation to applicant and new student characteristics, including but not limited to: age, disability, ethnicity, sex (gender) and socio-economic status.

7.6.2 Each Head of Programme will review and update the generic and specific admissions entry criteria.

7.6.3 Admissions will review external agency and government policy and standards to analyse, evaluate and make recommendations regarding their impact upon admissions policies, processes and procedures.


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