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Admissions Policy

3. Admissions entry criteria

The admission of any student will be determined by an assessment of the potential of the student to contribute to and benefit from their proposed course of study and by academic, personal, professional and other relevant criteria.  Actual and/or predicted performance in public examinations is a key indicator of academic potential for degree level study.


3.1. Processing of applications

3.1.1 The University aspires to process applications as effectively and promptly as possible. Guidance on the procedures for the processing of applications is set out in the Admissions Procedures document.

3.1.2 The University ensures that the appropriate briefing and training is given to all involved in the admissions process.


3.2. Minimum Entry Qualifications

3.2.1 The University requires all students entering the University for an Undergraduate Programme to meet its minimum entry requirements however, in some cases the University may choose to waive the minimum requirements and make (an) unconditional offer(s) to applicant(s). In such instances an unconditional offer will only be made to those applicants predicted to achieve the University's minimum entry requirements as identified from their pending grades as highlighted on their application form.

3.2.2 Unless otherwise stated, the minimum entry requirement is as follows 

3.2.3. Two passes at A level(where each A level is a 4 or 6 unit award) / pass in a 12 unit AVCE or a combination of the two qualifications, plus three other subjects at GCSE Grade C or above, including English Language;


A BTEC (QCF) at Diploma or Extended Diploma, plus three other subjects at GCSE Grade C or above, including English Language Or SCQF Level 6 National Certificate, plus three passes at Standard level including English language


Three Scottish Highers level passes at Grade C


Four Irish Higher level passes at Grade C including English Language.

3.2.4 Although entry requirements are quoted as UCAS tariff points in the University prospectus and in UCAS Entry Profiles, conditional offers will be made in the context of the qualification being studied and offered for assessment for entry.

3.2.5 Alternative entry criteria have been approved for applicants who have been out of education for a minimum of 2 years and who do not meet the normal minimum entry requirement conventionally

3.2.6 The University recognises a wide range of qualifications for admissions purposes. As far as possible, details of approved qualifications are included in the University’s online prospectus but the Admissions office is also able to advise on the acceptability of particular qualifications.  An offer to an applicant without a recognised qualification requires the approval of the Admissions Manager.

3.2.7 Individual programmes of study may specify entry requirements in addition to this minimum requirement and include subject specific elements. These are established in accordance with any individual programme requirements.

3.2.8 Individual programmes reserve the right to judge the relevance and acceptability of any qualification or individual subject when considering an application.

3.2.9 Typical entry grades and subject requirements are notified annually in the prospectus, on the web (http://w3.yorksj.ac.uk/) and in current course literature.

3.2.10 There is no University wide policy of discounting achievement in any specific A level or GCSE (or equivalent) subject and the University does not therefore maintain a list of approved and non-approved subjects.  Individual programmes may wish to discount achievement in a specific subject such as General Studies this would be declared on the relevant section of their webpage.

3.2.11 Entry offers are normally made on a tariff point basis and will take account of NQF Level 3 qualifications and key skills level 3 qualifications within the English and Welsh post 16 curriculum unless otherwise stated. Separate credit will not be given for AS awards converted to A levels  or where A levels have been taken and failed. The tariff offer cannot be met by AS examinations alone.

3.2.12 Other qualifications contained within the UCAS Tariff may be included or excluded on a subject by subject basis.

3.2.13 Teaching, assessment and student support will normally take place in English, unless otherwise stated. The University must therefore be confident that the applicant has proficiency in the English language necessary to succeed in their chosen programme. Therefore applicants may be required to take an English language test as part of the condition of an offer or to successfully complete a course of English language study at the University before beginning their chosen course

3.2.14 All applicants will be required to present original certification of their qualifications upon request.

3.2.15 An applicant may be asked to attend an interview or an audition

3.2.16 All students who are not interviewed but who receive an offer of a place will be offered the opportunity to visit the University in the context of a visit day or campus tour.

3.2.17 The University reserves the right to request further information in relation to an application either directly from an applicant or from a former place of education.

3.2.18 All applications will be considered with due regard to currently implemented University policies and external legislative frameworks as necessary.  

3.2.19 All applicants will be expected to meet the required level of competency to enter onto their chosen programme at York St John University; this will be evidenced through meeting the relevant entry criteria as indicated for each programme. This includes academic and non-academic elements, as well as interviews, auditions and other forms of entry assessment when appropriate.


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