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Admissions Policy

3.16. Applicants requesting deferred entry

3.16.1 If you wish to apply for deferred entry this can be done either at point of application, or a request can be made at any point throughout your application process until the point of enrolment.

3.16.2 Deferral can only be considered if it is made in writing (email or letter), verbal requests must be followed up in writing before they will be implemented.

3.16.3 You will usually be considered on the same basis as applicants in the year that you are applying for entry, unless there is a dramatic change in criteria in which case you will be assessed against the criteria for the year you would enter. An offer made in Clearing is valid for the current year only, unless the applicant has met the standard entry requirement for the following year.

3.16.4 Applicants will normally be allowed to defer entry for two years only, before they must submit a new application to be considered along with the new cohort of applicants

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