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Admissions Policy

3.7. Entry for Candidates with disabilities

3.7.1 The University has a long tradition of working to provide an inclusive and accessible environment that welcomes, nurtures and supports students with a range of impairments, learning difficulties and health conditions and enables them to reach their full potential.

3.7.2 Suitability for study will be assessed purely on academic grounds however, applicants are advised to indicate additional requirements on their application forms and are encouraged to seek advice on the suitability of the course, university accommodation and other matters prior to making an application.

3.7.3 Where an applicant declares a disability (an impairment, specific learning difficulty or health condition) we will try to ensure that any support needs are identified at an early stage, but this should not involve unreasonable delays in processing such applications. Nor does it involve withholding an offer to an otherwise qualified applicant on the grounds of his or her disability, except in the following cases:

  • Risk to health and safety: certain circumstances may present safety risks, despite all reasonable adjustments being made.

Any less favourable treatment would be unusual and would only arise in limited circumstances.

  • The need for specially adapted accommodation: the availability of such accommodation cannot be guaranteed to all potential applicants.
  • Physical access issues. It may be the case that, despite all reasonable adjustments having been made, some key locations remain inaccessible to students with certain disabilities.

3.7.4 The Equalities Act makes it illegal to reject an applicant because of disability. There are however three instances in which a university can reject a disabled applicant if they have the entry criteria necessary, these are:

  • overriding health and safety concerns;
  • barriers resulting from competence standards;
  • reasonable adjustments cannot be made

3.7.5 The university will seek to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled applicants are not put at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to other applicants.

3.7.6 The University will be proactive in encouraging disclosure at all stages of the application process. Information will be trated in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.

3.7.7  Applications from candidates with disabilities will be judged on the basis of the criteria described above, subject to professional practitioner requirements where they apply. Academic decisions and discussion of support needs are undertaken independently. If the University is unable to meet additional needs, or can only do so by compromising the learning experience which would disadvantage the applicant, the University undertakes to inform the applicant immediately the situation is apparent.

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