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Admissions Policy

4.2. Applicants responsibilities

4.2.1 The University expects applicants to be aware of their responsibilities in support of the effective execution of the application and admissions process. Such responsibilities include amongst other things, an awareness and engagement with the relevant University regulations, requirements and procedures.

4.2.2 Applicants to the University will be made familiar with the relevant regulations, process and timescales associated with each stage of admission to the University. In so doing they will be aware of the obligations upon them at each stage of the admissions process. This will be achieved by engagement with the general information made available and in some cases as specifically directed, by a Faculty or Department or relevant external body by a specific date.

4.2.3 To make a complaint; such processes will be undertaken in accordance with University Applicant Appeals and Complaints Policy.

4.2.4 Applicants who request feedback will make themselves aware of the nature and purpose of the University’s feedback policy.

4.2.5  International applicants will ensure they are fully aware of and understand the current Tier 4 policy guidance and its implications. It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with the guidance to secure a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.

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