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Admissions Policy

Appendix 3 - Relevant University Policies

Student Recruitment and Admission Policies

SRA1 - Admissions Policy

SRA2 - University Admissions Procedures

SRA3 - Non-Standard Entry and Admission with APL (Advanced Standing) or APEL Pro-forma

SRA4 - QAA Code Mapping Document: Recruitment & Admissions

SRA5 - Policy on Data Protection in the Handling of Admissions

SRA6 - Admission of Students & Criminal Conviction

SRA7 - Policy for Applications from Candidates not offering Standard School Leaving Qualifications, and Candidates for admission on the basis of Transferred Credit (Procedures for applications requiring APL/APEL)

SRA8 - Alternative Entry System (MSES) Guide to Essay Writing

SRA9 - Alternative Entry System (MSES) Administration Guide

SRA10 - Admission of Students under the age of 18 Student Support Policies

Equality-related policies and guidance

SSPP04 – Disability Policy

SSPP25 - Student’s Religion and Belief Policy

SSPP19 - Sexual Orientation

The York St John University Regulations (and the regulations of the University of Leeds as relevant)

The University Policy on Fitness to Study

The University Policy on Fitness to Practice

Widening Participation Policy and Strategy

Date Protection arrangements

Regulations and procedures of UCAS/UTT

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