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Theology & Religious Studies

Richard Andrew
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Pre-ordination training
  • Biblical hermeneutics
  • The mission and theology of the Church 

Dr Ann Christie
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • 'Ordinary' theology

Dr Alice Collett
Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Asian religions
  • Buddhism and gender
  • Buddhist texts
  • Sanskrit language
  • Orientalism and Asian religions
  • Early Indian Buddhism
  • Hindu traditions

Lynn Comer
Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Ministerial training
  • The Old Testament

Revd Greg Hoyland
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • The role of institutional religion
  • The Anglican tradition
  • Religion and faith in York
  • Biblical studies   

Dr Stuart Jesson
Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • The philosophy of forgiveness
  • Postmodern theology
  • The thought of Simone Weil
  • Deconstruction / Jacques Derrida

Professor Sebastian Kim
Chair in Theology and Public Life
  • World Christianity
  • Christianity in Asia
  • Public theology
  • Theology of mission
  • Community and identity
  • Contextual theologies
  • Religion and post-modern society
  • Peace building and reconciliation

Professor Pauline Kollontai
Professor of Higher Education in Theology & Religious Studies
  • Peace Building and reconciliation
  • Judaism
  • Religion and conflict

Dr Chris Maunder
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Christianity
  • The Virgin Mary
  • Apparitions
  • New Age and paganism

Dr Esther McIntosh
Lecturer/Research Associate
  • Feminist theology
  • Public theology
  • Philosophical theology
  • Philosophy of religion
  • Religion and gender
  • John Macmurray
  • Ethics

Dr Victoria Nesfield
Research Associate, Centre for Religion in Society  
  • Holocaust Testimony and Literature
  • Holocaust Theology
  • Religion and Peace-Making
  • The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Imelda O'Grady
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Religious Education

Gill Simpson
Head of Programme, BA Theology & Religious Studies
  • The Church in the 21st century
  • The life and theology of Dorothee Soelle 
  • Postmodern ecclesiology

Dr Andrew Village
Head of Programme, MA Theology & Religious Studies
  • Biblical studies
  • Lay people
  • Ministry training
  • The Anglican clergy
  • Racial and religious prejudice

Dr John Williams
Head of Programme, Foundation Degree & BA in Theology & Ministry
  • Training for ordained and lay ministry
  • Adult christian education in the church
  • Contemporary approaches to ministry and mission

Dr Susan Yore
Senior Lecturer, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Theology and literature
  • Women and writing
  • Religion and the visual arts