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Katie Allott
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Early Years
  • Literacy
  • English

Anita Backhouse
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Primary science education
  • Enquiry-based learning
  • Assessment 

Tiffany Bisby-O'Rorke
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Early Years
  • Montessori
  • Forest Schools

Dr Adrian Brockett
Principal Lecturer, Children, Young People & Education
  • Arab and Islamic studies
  • Middle Eastern studies
  • History of the Qur'an
  • Islamophobia
  • Curriculum Design
  • Reflective Practice
Jeff Buckles
Head of Programme, BA in Education Studies
  • Values in education
  • Ethical dilemmas in education  

Dr Mike Calvert
Head of Department, Children, Young People and Education
  • Higher education in Kenya
  • Education and citizenship
  • Pastoral care in schools
  • Educational leadership and management
  • Teaching and learning in higher education
  • Education and professional identity
  • Education and the management of change 

Jenny Carpenter
Head of Programme, PGCE (Primary)
  • Literacy and assessment
  • Trainee teachers
  • Enquiry-based learning

Rob Creasy
Principal Lecturer in Education
  • Assessment in higher education

Richard Day
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Primary education

Caroline Elbra-Ramsay
Head of Programme: Assessment and Student Outcomes
  • Primary literacy
  • Assessment

Heather Elliott
Senior Lecturer, Early Years Education
  • Early Years education
  • The outdoor environment in education
  • Play  

Helen Glasspoole
Senior Lecturer, Primary Education
  •   Education Policy and Practice
  • Psychosocial influences on education
  • Developing Reflective and Reflexive Practice

Ann Jones
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Special Educational Needs

Dr Tony Leach
Senior Lecturer, Children, Young People & Families
  • Action-based research in education
  • Employment and employability
  • The learning organisation 

Madelaine Lockwood
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Early years education
  • School leadership

Linda Mason
Senior Lecturer, Primary Education
  • Primary maths

Sally Maynard
Senior Lecturer
  • Primary languages

Professor Jean McNiff
Professor of Educational Research
  • Educational research 

Emma McVittie
Senior Lecturer, ITE
  • Creative Assessment in Religious Education
  • Spiritual Literacy
  • Reflection in Education
  • Creative Pedagogy

Margaret Meredith
Senior Lecturer, Primary Education
  • Primary ICT
  • Primary languages

Pat Norris
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Youth and community work
  • Children's services
  • Inclusion   

Keither Parker
Head of Programme, PGCE Secondary & School Direct
  • School leadership (secondary)
  • Whole school issues/policy and practice
  • Teacher training
  • Humanities education
  • Teaching and learning in higher education
  • Education and social deprivation

Dr Jane Rand
Head of Department, Children Young People & Families
  • Action Learning
  • Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
  • Qualitative research methods
  •  Applied pedagogical research
  • Epistemologies

Peter Raymond
Head of Programme BA/BSc Primary (UG) 3-7
  • Primary education

Dr Kathy Ring
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Primary education
  • Early years education 

Helen Rowe
Acting Head of Programme, Undergraduate work-based learning
  • Early Years Education
  • Reflective Practice
  • Metacognitive Knowledge Development

Catherine Samiei
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teaching creativity and creative writing
  • Academic literacies

David Scott
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Primary English education
  • Creative writing in the primary school context
  • Cross-curricular literacy

Samantha Shaw
Head of Programme: Children, Young People and Families
  • Childhood and youth

Paul Smith
Associate Dean: Development
  • Education and apprenticeships
  • Lifelong learning
  • The role of teaching assistants 
  •  Work-based learning in higher education

Janet Spencer
Senior Lecturer, Education and Partnership Development Manager
  • Trainee teacher placements

Marie Stansmore
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • PE 

Professor Julian Stern
Dean of Faculty, Professor of Religion and Education
  • Religious Education and spiritual development
  • Schools and universities as learning communities
  • Homework
  • Solitude and loneliness

Jonathan Vincent
Senior Lecturer, Children, Young People & Education
  • Education and Social Justice
  • Inclusive Pedagogies
  • Philosophy of Education

Ian Wilson
Senior Lecturer, Education
  • Primary Mathematics and Science
  • Technology supported learning  in primary education
  • Use of iPads in providing feedback

Dr Margaret Wood
Head of Programme, Taught MA programmes in Education and PCAP
  • Enquiry-based learning
  • School improvement
  • Pupil 'voice'