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International Bank Transfer

Students, who wish to make payment of their accommodation and/or tuition fees by international bank transfer, are often vulnerable to fluctuating exchange rates and bank charges from both the sending and receiving bank.

York St John University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide students with a bank transfer service (called Geo for Education) that helps eliminate these problems and provides the following benefits:

  • It allows students to freeze a guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 72 hours to provide to their bank to make the payment
  • It allows students to make payment of their fees in their own currency giving them transparency and a clear understanding of the cost of their course fee
  • It ensures that 100% of the funds transferred, reach the university and that no expensive bank charges are deducted
  • It ensures that the payment can be easily identified and allocated by the university giving the student peace of mind
  • It is a secure and quick way to make the transfer ensuring that the university receives the payment promptly 


No additional charges

There are no additional for using this service are made by York St John or Western Union Business Solutions. By using this service you avoid or significantly reduce the costs incurred to you and York St John as well as any delays through making/receiving International Payments.


How to use this service

Access the Geo for Education bank transfer service by clicking on this link: Geo for Education

  • Enter your student information. Boxes marked with a * are required. Click Next.
  • Enter the amount(s) of tuition and / or accommodation fees in the relevant fields in £ sterling. Click Continue.
  • Choose your home country, this will automatically convert your fee amount to your home currency (if your home currency is unavailable it will default to the next best option e.g. USD). Click Continue.
  • You will be quoted an amount to pay instantly. This amount will be guaranteed for 72 hours.
  • Next, you will be emailed simple instructions in PDF format detailing which bank your fees need to be transferred to in your home country. You can either make this payment using online banking, telephone banking or in person at your bank in the same way that you would make a standard bank transfer. The PDF instructions provided can also be emailed directly to a family member if they are making the payment on your behalf.
  • Accept the conditions of use.
  • These instructions will contain an important reference that you must ensure your bank quotes when making the payment. This reference allows York St John to identify and allocate your fees quickly.


Once payment has been sent through the nominated bank to Western fees account.

You can find further information through our GEO Education FAQ page.