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What is Supported Open Learning (SOL)?

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One of the most difficult things for students on degree programmes is the amount of time that is unstructured. Normally we would expect that students engage in study related activity for 36 hours per week; although you may find that at certain times of year particularly pre-assessment time you wish to do more than this. Contact time is much lower than this; for example you may find that you are timetabled to be with staff for approximately 15 hours in a particular week, the remainder of the time you are expected to come into the University to use the library, IT facilities and to practice treatment techniques.

Non contact time is not 'free' time and students who are reluctant to spend the non contact time in the University are often the students who find assessments become difficult. In order to help you structure your time and to engage in the whole University experience each module will have a range of supporting material including activities for you to do which are labelled under the umbrella 'supported open learning or SOL'. Supported open learning will be activities designed by the lecturers to help you learn and will include a range of methods for example you might be asked to search for and read information or be directed to an article to read or perhaps asked to practice particular techniques.

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