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University Suppliers

York St John University is part of the NEUPC (North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium). This is a higher education purchasing consortium and therefore staff should consider NEUPC preferred suppliers as their first choice if they need to set up a new supplier.  For further information please visit the NEUPC website


University Supplier List

Staff Information Point - Finance


Can I use a supplier not on the University Suppliers List?

Whenever possible staff should try to use suppliers who have already been approved and show on the University Suppliers List.  However, this may not always be possible for example:

  • staff may wish to order goods on line with a one-off supplier.  In this instance goods should be paid for using a University credit card and there is no need to complete a purchase order.
  • staff may wish to place an one-off order.  If this is under £2k please complete a purchase order in the normal way but endorse it with "one-off".  If the order is over £2K or the supplier is to be used again on a regular basis, a new supplier request form should be completed.


How do I set up a new supplier?

Where possible staff should endeavour to use a new supplier already registered with NEUPC.  However if staff wish to use another supplier they should complete a new supplier request form.  All sections of the form should be completed especially the banking information so that the supplier can be paid by BACS.  Once the new supplier request has been approved by the Director of Finance staff will be notified so that the order can be placed.