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How to Book Train Tickets

All UK rail travel should be booked through NYS Corporate Ltd by phone (01904 420207) or by the online Evolvi system, which is linked to the National Rail booking system.  Please contact your admin team to make the booking if you do not have access to Evolvi.

A courier will deliver any tickets booked by 1pm directly to the University reception. 

There is also the option to use Ticket on Departure (TOD) which enables tickets to be printed off at Fast Track machines at stations.  This can be used for last minute bookings or if you are booking for a visitor coming to the University who can print tickets at their home station.  Please be aware of the availability of the Fast Track machine at the home station as some are only accessible during booking office opening hours.

Please note that a lot of airports are not served by the National Rail network.  If the traveller is returning to the UK there may not be a TOD machine at the airport and tickets will need to be collected at the nearest National Rail station (if not already obtained before leaving the UK).

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