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How to Book Flights

Where possible tickets should be booked by NYS Corporate Ltd who should be asked to quote the lowest fare possible in addition to other travel options available.  Staff are also permitted to use other options, such as budget airlines which may result in lower travel costs than those quoted by NYS.  However staff are reminded to consider:

  • The real cost of admin staff time in searching the internet for the best deal.
  • The potential disadvantages of low cost airlines (eg extra booking fees/charges or arrival at airports some distance from the destination city, which will result in further transport costs).
  • NYS have a duty of care in the case of emergencies to provide alternative cover for bookings made through them. If staff have booked directly with another airline they will be required to sort out their own alternative arrangements in the case of an emergency.

If the alternative supplier is being used, the unsuccessful NYS quote must be retained to demonstrate that the travel requirements have been met and the cost to the University has been significantly reduced.

Refer to section 10 of the Expenses Policy


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