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FAQs - Travel

NYS Corporate Ltd

NYS Corporate Ltd contact details

Changes to NYS purchase order procedure from Jan 2016

NYS Corporate Ltd is the University approved supplier for travel.  They have on-line systems for rail bookings (Evolvi) and hotel bookings (Conferma).  The admin teams for each faculty/department should have at least one member of staff who has been given access to these systems.

If you are a new administrator and require a log-in, please email NYS at corporate.profiles@nysgroup.com. You will need to provide the following information: Title, First Name, Surname, email address, telephone number and department.

Staff are requested to use NYS Corporate Ltd wherever possible for all travel arrangements.  NYS have a duty of care in the case of emergencies (eg civil unrest, volcanic ash clouds) to provide emergency cover for bookings made through them.  They can provide YSJU with details of members of staff within the UK or overseas and sort out alternative travel arrangements.

To make any travel booking you will require a purchase order number and the nominal budget code to be charged (plus project code where applicable). Note: NYS have been supplied with the four expenditure codes relating to travel, which are 4170, 4171, 4175 and 4700.  No other expenditure codes should be used.


How do I book train tickets?

How do I book flights?

How do I book hotels?

How do I hire cars/coaches and taxis?