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Student Expenses FAQs

Where can I find the student expense claim form?

The general student expenses claim form can be found on the Student section of the Finance Forms page. All claims must have original receipts / tickets attached.

Note: The Faculty of Education & Theology has its own student expense claim form.  Please obtain this from the Faculty admin office.


How do I claim for mileage?

If you are travelling in your own car you can claim mileage allowance as per the rate shown on the bottom of the expenses claim form or as agreed by the Faculty of Education & Theology (for school placements).

If using a hire car, the named driver can submit a claim for petrol so long as an original receipt is attached to the claim form.


How will my expenses be paid?

From the 14 August 2015, all expenses will be paid directly into students bank accounts, therefore it is essential to provide us with your bank details.  To do this, you should log into your evision account - select "My Finance" - then "Manage your bank details for refunds or expenses".  If the system will not allow you to do this, please try again the following day as this facility may have been temporarily suspended to allow a payment run to be processed.

I have completed a claim form, why have I not been paid?

  • Firstly check with your faculty admin office.  All claims must be checked and authorised by a budget holder within the faculty.  You need to allow plenty of time for this process to take place.  Check that the Faculty admin office has processed your claim and passed it to Finance.
  • Double check the bank details you completed in your evision account.
  • Check your bank account again, remember it takes 2 days to be received into your account.
  • Contact the Finance office after you have checked the first 3 options.  We will check that your claim has been received in Finance by the deadline date and processed.

Why has my research bursary not been paid?

Payment of a research bursary is made on the next available expenses payment run date after receipt of the relevant authorised paperwork from the Faculty/Research Dept.  If you are expecting a bursary payment please check with the Faculty/Research admin office to confirm when they sent the paperwork to Finance.