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Corporate Card FAQs

How do I apply for a corporate credit card?

A Corporate Credit Card Approval Form should be completed and submitted to the Director of Finance and the Vice Chancellor's Office for authorisation. If the request is approved, the Finance department will send the employee a Business Visa card application, supplied by Barclaycard, and a Corporate Credit Card User agreement for completion. This sets out the terms and conditions regarding use of the card.

What should I do with my receipts?

You must keep all receipts safely until you receive a copy of your Barclaycard statement from Finance.  Please note that credit card vouchers are not acceptable on their own as they do not show goods / services provided.  A separate receipt should be requested.

How do I complete my expenses claim form?

Barclaycard produce the statements on the 17th of the month.  When these have been received in Finance, you will be sent a copy so that you can complete an EXP04 credit card expense claim.

You should attach all the receipts to the claim form and the total of your claim should agree with the total of the statement (in sterling).

The claim form must be signed by a budget holder and show the nominal code(s) to be charge before it is forwarded to Finance.

What should I do if there is a transaction on the statement which I do not recognise?

If you suspect you have a fraudulent transaction on your statement the first thing to do is contact Barclaycard for further information.  The number to ring can be found at the top of your statement.

You will be asked security questions when you contact Barclaycard as proof of identity.  This will be the information you set up on your credit card approval form.

Barclaycard will investigate and obtain copies of the receipts if necessary.  There may be a charge for this if the transaction turns out to be genuine.  If the transaction is fraudulent Barclaycard will credit your account on a future statement.


If you have any further queries please contact the corporate credit card administrator - Tina Holliday 6450