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Conference sessionFaculty of Arts Research Community

RE:SEARCH.COM is the new badge for the York St John, Faculty of Arts research community.

RE:SEARCH.COM is an umbrella term over-arching a shifting and developing plurality of research activities ranging from ‘world-leading’ publicly-funded research projects to private obsessions and speculative shots in the dark.

RE:SEARCH.COM will be committed to both capturing all of the (sometimes hidden) strands of research taking place in the Faculty within and across the staff and student community, as well as encouraging new initiatives, collaborations and a genuinely searching approach to research. The fundamental ambition of RE:SEARCH.COM is to support our active researchers while, at the same time, looking beyond the REF towards a research community still to come.

There are those who seek, looking to find—even knowing they will almost necessarily find something other than what they are searching for. There are others whose research is precisely without an object….To find, to search for, to turn, to go around: yes, these words indicating movement, but always circular. It is as though the sense of searching or research lay in its necessary inflection in turning….The centre allows finding and turning, but the centre is not to be found. Research would be, perhaps, that rash seeking determined always to reach the centre instead of being content to act in response to its point of reference. - Maurice Blanchot


Research Events

Research Snapshots

     Black History Month

     Talking Literature, Talking Theory


Studio Talks

Studio Talks in Arts and Narrative


Research projects

Alchemists at Work

Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, liquid architectures and online domains

British Dance and the African Diaspora

Cultural Encounters

Cultures of Memory

Reflective Dialogue

Elusive Evidence

The Global Studies Association annual conference

The Internet of Things: Philosophy